Monthly Dev Breakdown - September 2019

Check out something new I’ve been working on this week - a monthly summary of the Weekly Dev Logs, compressed into a quick YouTube video.

I call it the Monthly Dev Breakdown, and it’s mainly for people who don’t want to keep up with the weekly dev logs and prefer a bite-sized YouTube update video instead. If you have any feedback, please drop it below and I’ll take it into consideration next month!


That was very cool and nice
thank you nathaniel bandy


did you take some inspiration from footofaferret “A Brief History”?
it does have a similar feel to the video`

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Not really, but I do enjoy those videos. I pretty much dug through our dev logs, gathered the footage and came up with the script on the fly, recorded the voiceover with many takes, and then started animating it all in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

I aimed to get a short video out that shows you what you need to know - the basic points - that way if you want more information you can still check out the Dev Logs here on the forums, and for people that don’t want to read a post every week, they can check out the monthly video.


I especially appreciate the editing quality for such a short video. It makes ‘an informative news update’ re-watchable and worth sharing.


Thank you! My number one aim was to make it a quick, snappy and digestable video that gets straight to the point, but with some funny bits sprinkled in.


Nice job with this. This is a really great way to see what’s happening with the devs. I love the dev breakdown threads, but it can be troublesome sometimes, images and videos not loading and that sort.

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Thank you!

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Ah yes. The pixeltail community manager doesn’t have any friends. Sounds likely. All jokes aside, that’s a really nice video and I hope these keep coming. Obviously don’t overwork yourself though.

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Thanks! I really enjoyed making this because I really like working with video.

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I really like this format, its quick and easy to digest. Also props to Nath to shouting out @Link’s similar video format. Link makes some good patch summary vids.


Excellent job! I like this; very quick and direct covering the featured updates/changes. I follow the weekly dev logs here on the forum, but it’s still nice for us ‘visual learners’ to see it in video.

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