Monthly Community Building Contest (Idea)

Hello Tower Unite Community!

For a while now I’ve had an idea floating around in my head about a monthly building contest run for and by the community.

How would it work?
Every month, I (or someone else) would create a thread, announcing the beginning of the contest with a not-so-specific theme. The theme would always let you some room for creativity. Three examples are:

  • Winter
  • Extraterrestial
  • Sky High

Then, people would have time until the 1st of every month to submit up to five screenshots of their creation in that thread. That creation can be anything, ranging from a simple decorated room to an entire building.

Until that time limit, people can vote on their favorite creation with a simple like on the post with the screenshots. The person with the most likes gets featured on the next thread and wins the building competition.

What can you win?
That is actually the thing I thought most about but I couldn’t really find a solution yet. Of course the winner gets a bit of fame but I’ve realized that there needs to be more incentive to get people to participate. If people have any ideas, please post them below. If this event gets received well, maybe we can even get the devs to design an in-game trophy for this event.

What would you call it?
The Builder’s Brawl. Simple as that. I’ve already whipped up a logo for this thing:

Please tell me what you think about this idea. If you dislike it, please tell me why. Remember to stay civil! :slight_smile:
I hope this idea gets received well and I can collect some more ideas to realize it!

Happy Building!


That idea is not bad!
But i’d suggest to take in count the item playground, where you can build without spending money, you see ? :smile:


I agree with Neko!

Not everyone has the Units to build something, even not so sophisticated.

Nevertheless, this is a great Idea Mikusch


I see no problem with that. You can either build for free on the item playground or build something nice in your condo for people to experience.

Also pretty sure the item playground looks less fancy than the condo but I haven’t started it up since Alpha so I don’t know.


Playground is very useful to build with the news plates (wood / concrete)
You can make structures and more, like houses, bases etc…

Main minor problem: you must own 1 of each item to build it as infinite. :wink:

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People can also join the playground while the server is up… it erases everything if the host quits, though…

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That’s true, but I don’t think it is that much of a problem. Most people will build in their condo anyways because it gives them a bit more freedom. Maybe we might even see a saveable playground in the future, who knows. But for now it might be useable to try out layouts for your creations you want to submit, without messing up your current progress.

And in my opinion, if you really want to win a competition like that you gotta do something for it. That includes getting the money for it :grin:


Jesus Freak already won though…


What about a rule that says that you can’t win two times in a row?

And that’s also a reason the community should vote on the creations. They might eventually get tired of Jesusfreaks masterpieces.

I’d be up to have a go at it! Especially if the item playground is an option :smile:

This is a great idea, now will there be prizes?? :moneybag::new_moon_with_face::moneybag:

I like this idea, it’s a nice idea. :smile_cat: Too bad if I ever tried to create anything it’ll turn into a simple build covered in bad memes :disappointed_relieved: