Monopoly in condo 08/26 @3pm GMT (timezones converter included)

who won by far, this crazy game that took 3 hours and a half!


  • VyteByte
  • Vanmax22
  • TrappingGull
  • DoctorPie
    ###4th player backup:

#How to participate?

  • HAVE A TINY POTION!!! (found at the Stray Cat merchant next to the Bowling during night time!!)

  • First, make sure your time schedule is ABSOLUTELY EMPTY for 08/26 at 3pm GMT (timezones converter at the end of the post)! I want you to be sure to be available during the whole game :slight_smile:

  • Reply to this topic, saying you’ll participate!

  • The 4th person saying he’ll participate might not be selected to play the game, as @VyteByte already claimed the place and is pretty sure to be present.
    If ever he is unavailable at the start of the game, that 4th person will take his place.

You can find the official rules here: Monopoly Official rules

If you have any question in relation to this event, don’t hesitate asking it!

Timezones converter


Ill try to come.

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I’m in.

(If i recall correctly, it might be 17:00 in Brussels)

I forgot to mention! You’ll need a Tiny potion from the Stray cat merchant!!

Ok. Ill see if i have it, and if not i’ll buy one

@TrappingGull Don’t forget the Tiny Potion!!

Also, It’ll be 16:00 In Brussels since Brussels is set at GMT+1 time :wink:

If its GMT+1 does that mean its 12:00 PM EST, not 11:00 AM EST

No, I was talking about about Brussels! O:

Im not sure if I will be able to come but if I manage to get myself motivated enough to get the cash to get the potion before the day ends i will.

Let me know if you got the Tiny potion :slight_smile:

dang i will be in school

I’ve got my tiny potion. Confirm my spot.

You’re in

I need the 4th player backup guy now (In case VyteByte is unavailable)

i got the potion

Great! :smiley: See you there!

Damn it, I wanted to join the game but it looks like I found this thread a bit too late.

Got the tiny potion! I’ll see you in 1 hour and a couple of minutes.