Monitor question?

hi i know this is off topic but i need help asap. my monitor is a 4 k dell P2715Q monitor and i have a digital storms vanquish 4 level 4 pc. My monitor lags a lot at high resolution (4k) the only time it doesnt lag is when i am at 1900x1200 but I can get much higher. i have been buying all of these cords/cables to make the monitor work but my mouse and all the games i play lag at high resolution. It even lags on the desktop at the 4k resolution 3840x2160 is the maxed i can go and it is also the recommended resolution. I have a display port to hdmi plugged in hdmi is in the computer while the display port is in the monitor, I have a usb to usb… which i can unplug and nothing happens. i have the power cable that turns on the monitor. and then… a display port to minidisplay port. the minidisplay port has to go into the computer only problem is it doesnt work because i dont have a mini display port port in my computer. Sooooo i have been looking for an adapter but the only ones i find are display ports to minidisplay port, and i need the reverse. I was talking with digital storms (the company the pc is from) and they told me to get the hdmi/ display port cable mentioned from beforee) and i did and it still doesnt work.

side info: I have a razer black widow chroma and a razer ouroboros.

Please someone help me i am tired of buying wires and i can’t find any solutions… Thanks so much!

I don’t know much to help, but I moved this question to Technology since the Questions area is for Tower Unite questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like your PC’s not powerful enough, rather than just issues with cables and stuff. Can’t comment on anything else though, since I don’t have a 4k monitor.

when i get over a certain resolution my game crashes when i move too abruptly, so now i’m forced to play the game at a lower resolution resulting in everything looking pixely

It depends on what settings you’re playing games at, because 4GB of frame buffer is not enough to play on 4k resolution on high settings
My suggestion would be either to upgrade your graphics card or use a lower resolution monitor like 1440p or 1080p, and I’m pretty sure a GTX 980 would have a displayport connection so I don’t see why you can’t just buy a normal displayport cable to hook up your computer to your monitor rather than using mini displayport or an HDMI adapter

i can run gta V though, is that good information? it doesn’t lag