Money stopped


Sorry for the mistakes, I translate it via online translator.
Happened to me a problem: I, Tower, Unite, frozen money counter. Alighted he on the sum ~19K. I didn’t notice it right away, but when after playing Zombie Massagre I had to get about 12K, I found that my score remained ~19k.


so you has 19k, played ZM and should have gotten 12k (31k in total) but stayed as 19k
verry not good


有时,在计数器更新到正确的数字之前需要一点时间, 这样做不需要那么长时间,最糟糕的是大约2到3分钟

这可以通过论坛上的私人消息系统来完成, 只需点击右上角的帐户图片,然后点击显示的字母图标即可.


Yes, I am. I received an email that my account is temporarily frozen as a precaution, but I don’t know for how long.


This should be resolved now. We have been monitoring our backend, but also been getting some downtime on Steam’s end.