Money on main menu different then when i join a server

i posted on discord and people said that it will fix itself but it hasn’t. I joined an unoffical server and got tokens and then went to an offical server and noticed that my main menu money is different then when im looking at my units on the left. i tried spending money thinking it would fix itself but it didn’t.

not sure if this problem will cause issues or not

Basically the money in the pause/main menu is programmed to show the total amount of units you have while the counter in the corner of your ingame hud is programmed to show a number based on your total amount of units minus the value of how many arcade tokens/casino chips you have.

So for example if you had 68,291 units and 20 tokens, the counter in the pause menu will show 68,291 units while the ingame hud counter will show 67,791 units.

i never knew it was based on tokens. I’ve never noticed that before thats why i was surprised. It still took awhile for the units to update for whatever reason i had to play ball race for the total to update was worried when i finished a level and it said -7,000 lol

but thanks for the answer man i learned something today