So, I’ve been expirmenting with monetization on my YouTube videos, can we monetize footage of tower unite? (let’s plays, reviews, etc.)

I’m not sure if this has been posted anywhere else, but I would agree that it would be in everyone’s interest to have a clear cut policy on this.


I’m hoping PixelTail will say it’s fine, but monetized or not, content creators putting videos up of the game can only boost interest in it. Might aswell let said creators get something from it, too. :smiley_cat:

Our policy is monetization is allowed as long as you link back to us via our Steam Store page (once we get that) or our website URL:


I have a template as a description if you want to use it:


“Tower Unite is a community-based virtual world party game with online games, entertainment, and activities. Powered by Unreal Engine 4. Every aspect of Tower Unite allows for online multiplayer interaction. It’s a living and evolving online game world, driven by the community. Play games online with your friends, or make new friends from around the world.
Tower Unite isn’t just a single game. It’s a union of games, united by the community. It’s all about having fun with friends!”

Want to check out the game? Go here:

So um, basically YouTube has this on their pages…

After you submit a video for monetization, YouTube may ask you for additional documentation demonstrating
how you own commercial use rights to all elements in your video. This
includes (but is not limited to) music, photographs, movie and video
game footage plus more.

The written permission should either be a contract between you and
the rights owner, or a letter from the rights owner stating that you are
permitted to use their content commercially. Please note that messages,
comments, and postings from social media websites (e.g., Facebook,
Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Which might be a problem because this is a comment on a forum…

I’m pretty sure that’s just to scare people off from posting things they don’t own. AFAIK you shouldn’t run into any legal trouble because we’re not going to contact Youtube and take content down.

Oh, didn’t think of that. (pst when u update and make a terms&conditions just throw it in there maybe?)