Modifying the Map

I’m assuming this will be possible, but will it be possible to modify the map (I.E. Adding buildings, Areas, etc) on dedicated servers once the workshop (and modding in general) Is set up?

I don’t think they planned to make the whole main plaza being modifiable , well not like this, If you host a server you might be able to place furniture here and there but whole buildings

Though map modification should, maybe if possible, be something we can do for the condo, as in… housing like in the sims, placing walls and all the stuff (though it’s maybe dreaming a little too much, if not for a DLC release after final version of the game, but It would give way more liberty on that part of the customization)

This is a planned feature for condos already.

I appreciate the replies, I’m sure we’ll get a direct answer eventually, I was working on some stuff that might be cool to implement as addons, so I was curious to see if anyone knew

wow amazing, I really hope the housing will manage to be done, this sounds so perfect already :kissing_smiling_eyes:

You will be able to have anything you want. But it will be on a unranked server hosted by someone.

I dont think you are able to have mods and stuff like that on the Official Ranked server hosted by the Devs.

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