Mistake | More than one correct answer

In the name of the fictional SCP Foundation, what does the “SCP” stand for?

A ) Special Containment Procedures

B ) Silent Community Protection

C ) Supernatural Creature Preservation

D ) Secure, Contain, Protect

Special Containment Procedures is marked as the right answer, even though Secure, Contain, Protect is also correct and perhaps even more commonly recognized as the meaning of SCP


EDIT: I changed my mind, actually. I agree with you. Thinking about it, they never do truly state what it stands for. They normally just say “The Foundation”. There’s actually some speculation that it might stand for The Security, Containment, and Protection Foundation because that actually sounds more plausible. I’m pretty sure it’s intentionally ambiguous, so that it can basically just mean whatever we want it too

i was just about to respond, then i realised you changed it, but my main point is that the question asks “what does SCP stand for”, thats really broad for a question. Also because SCP is fictional and pretty much anyone can add a new meaning for SCP it’s just fundamentally a bad question imo

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Yeah, that’s exactly why I changed my mind

I definitely associate the acronym more with Secure, Contain, Protect myself so I’d probably a bit annoyed if I got that question.

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Yeah both “Secure Contain Protect” and “Special Containment Procedures” are the correct answers. I would definitely think it would be “Secure Contain Protect” personally. But both are correct.

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What about that one?

I think that it’s a good one.

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It sounds like this question is Susceptible to Creator’s Preference.


The question has been removed.