Missing servers in lobby server list

Since the last update I no longer see the official lobby server or any servers other than an Australian one that I can join due to ‘server version incompatibility’.

I am in Australia and understand that the only server I see may not have been updated yet, but I don’t understand why I can no-longer see all the other servers including the official one.

I have all appropriate steam ports open and have even been able to join random condo’s without trouble.

Screenshot of server list for the lobby: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/477768837568868035/26FDCA27F4CB3C06C605B891583F17D386417BE9/

i dont know maybe they crashed or they restarted to update

Try again now.

Sometimes servers may not appear on first load of the server browser, try refreshing. It might take a couple of refreshes.


I appreciate the help guys but I have seen no servers all day, my friend is online and in-game right now but I don’t see the server in the list (refer to pic in OP) and I cannot join my friend through steam.

In-fact when i click on my friend in the steam overlay and view server details it says the server is not responding.
Could it possibly be some issue with steam itself?

Verified steam install and TU cache, no change. Can join friend’s condo but not the lobby.
Even turned off the firewall. Still no change.

I found out what the problem was…

My dad decided to change the router settings. I can join now.

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