Missing Map Object Status Or Customization

There are a few spots across the condos that don’t have map objects, with some of the more pressing ones being in a screenshot below. If there are any more that people would like changed, feel free to add them here.

The four in the screenshot are:

  • The stairs by the door in the Suite
  • The roof supports in the Art Studio
  • The metal railings in the Highrise
  • The curtains themselves in the Courtyard Villa (in hindsight I don’t think those are customizable either)

Please excuse the poor handwriting, I wrote onto these screenshots with a mouse.

I’d greatly appreciate the option to hide/customize these.

Here’s a few more:

  • The pillar that connects at the hallways in the Highrise, as well as some more railings at the end of one
  • The stove piece in between the cabinets on the Suite
  • The small stairs outside the living room on the Highrise (all the others are map objects and can be hidden, only these ones can’t)
  • Literally all of the roof support beams in the Highrise

Also in addition to all of this, the roof of the stair entrance on top of the Highrise has no material option:


Yeah, the objects in Condos should be a lot more customizable in general. There’s so many things like the ones you mentioned that I would like to be able to change or remove outright, yet I can’t in any way. Wish I had more to say on this but really, that’s all I think about this. Have my vote.

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