Missing items from previous saves lost after bug fix 9/03/2020

After the latest bug fix this evening many items were lost in my condo and inventory (approx 70k units worth) such as about 6-7 stage/film lights.

Sprite sheets and in game textures also seem to be non-operational or not loaded in for players who enter.

Matrixing lines run all throughout the lawn by the side pool on the island condo.

X-mas lights reset and turn on to maximum brightness after re-entering condo.

Missing canvases and images were also lost after the update.

Reloading the condo does not fix the issue.

I hope this bug can be fixed, if others are experiencing this, I can imagine this would be a set back on time invested.

On the bright side, condo runs at 60 fps and loads in swimmingly.

Cheers m8

When did you work on your condo prior to the hotfix being deployed yesterday? There was a bug that made it so the game didn’t adjust your condo inventory to account for the items you had already placed in your condo. This allowed you to place more items than you actually owned (e.g. 10 catsacks when you only had 2), so once the bug was fixed, those items you didn’t own would disappear. I would assume that’s the cause of your missing items. The other things appear to be separate bugs entirely.
If you have an intact save from when the duplicate items were placed (e.g. haven’t touched the condo, or have a snapshot from back then), you may be able to get those items re-placed if you buy enough items to make up for the duplicates prior to loading the save/starting the condo.