Missing Holdable Balloon

Hia, I purchased a holdable balloon, which would be my 7th one and I didn’t receive it. It’s been about 20 minutes now, I’ve refreshed my inventory, my steam inventory and restarted my game. Haven’t had any luck sadly. It took my anniversary coins, but did not give me the balloon.

I was hoping I could have the balloon added to my account if you can check to see that it took my coins.

Please and thank you.

  • Lil

Hope you get that balloon! I would recommend adding a link to your profile or including your Steam ID so the devs can find your account if necessary.

I’ve granted you a new balloon.


MacDGuy? More like MacDaBalloonGuy.

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I’ll show myself out now.

Thanks MacDoubleD :slight_smile: