Missing GMT Legacy and Donor Rewards

Hi there!
I played and donated towards GMT back in the day. I transferred my GMT profile to Tower Unite but I only received the Unit conversion and nothing else.

Profile in question: https://www.gmtower.org/index.php?p=profile&si=STEAM_0:1:10206062

Did you play GMT for at least 9 hours? (your GMT profile isn’t loading for me)

I had hundreds of hours logged and had donated around $15 I think, I’d have to dig up the transaction on that one. Not sure why I can’t view the profile anymore.

Unless these items were limited time I don’t see why I shouldn’t have them.

You cannot view your profile anymore because that domain is no longer owned by the developers.

or maybe the system is shut down for the gmodtower reunion? as the reunion will be using your original stats and such so being able transfer after changing the stats may not make much sense. there is also just the chance it is temporarily broken

also as far as i’m aware they still own the domain???
why would they not own it still?

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The stats page also says the stats were updated yesterday, so it’s probably just down for the reunion.

The website’s been down for maintenance, it’ll come back online once we’re done.

The website is back up. As for the items, it used to be automatic until we upgraded our backend system, which didn’t include that routine. I’ll note it internally so we can manually give you the items when we can.

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I’m having the same problem. I used to play GMod Tower back in 2013 and I did donate $15+, I just recently started playing Tower Unite and transferred my Units but got nothing else.

Here is my GMT Profile:

I appreciated the replies from the devs but I have yet to receive my rewards either.

I’m working on a way to automate this, so that the system will give these items correctly when the transfer is done the first time. Once this is done, the plan is that you’ll be able to attempt the transfer again, and while money is not transferred this time around, it will check if your inventory contains the items, and if it doesn’t, they will be granted to you.

Some things came up since the last time I posted here, and I don’t have an ETA, but I will let you know when this is something everyone has access to.


No worries, thanks again for the update.

A quick update for everyone on this thread, and anyone who is missing GMT items.

Once you have done the GMC -> Unit Transfer at http://www.gmtower.org, go to https://express.towerunite.com and login.

Logging in will check if you have transferred, then check to see if you have the GMT items (and GMT VIP items if applicable) in your Tower Unite inventory, and if they aren’t there (or some of them aren’t there), the system will automatically give them.

Remember however, you have to transfer from http://www.gmtower.org first, if you’ve already done this in the past, simply just login to Tower Express and the items should be awarded.

Please let me know if anything goes wrong and I can look into it.