Missing cat sacks achievements and missing cats

Hi all,
I have won over 30 cat sacks and when I place them down to open they either disappear or stay cat sacks. Once I exit my condo they disappear as does the items i was able to get from the ones that do open. The only item that remains is the cat TV. I also noticed my cat sack achievements are gone, minus the gold one. This happened before my most recent and that’s why im here because MY CAT SACKS!!! Thank you

Steps to Reproduce

Condo, place cat sacks down open as much as you can and then exit only to find they no longer remain.

What I expected to happen

My spoils to be laid out before me.

What happened

Missing achievements, missing cat sacks from inventory, missing items on floor, and only cat TV remaining.

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

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This sounds like it could be an issue with agc
you could try making a support ticket in the TU discord?