Mirrors aren't working propely in First person

Ok then, when i look at mirror in first person i see myself without accesories

And in third person i see this

This bug is known long time now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m uncertain if this can be fixed, but I do somewhat know why this bug occurs. In third person, all your cosmetics display normally and, by extension, are displayed in the mirror normally. However, when you enter first person, most of those cosmetics are visually removed to prevent them from clogging your vision. I’m not sure exactly how mirrors work, but since the cosmetics aren’t displayed they aren’t reflected in the mirror.


Yeah, it removes accessories otherwise you’d have the hat covering half your screen.

I will use logic here and say that its client side problem the mirror reflects what you can render
When you are first person you don’t render your cosmetics and accessories if you did everything would be in the way and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. (I just saw that we all said the same thing wups)

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