Minor annoyance, Simple casino slot mechanic tweak

Every now and then currently in Tower, slots will ask you if you’re still there, and thus forces the user to press a key to verify if they are active.

Unfortunately when you are holding down the mic key (default bind is x), the message doesn’t account for the button already being pressed prior to the message appearing, causing those without fast reflexes to essentially get kicked off slots faster than you can react, yet other actions like looking around and hitting space are ignored as “incorrect” keys by this message.

What should happen is if the mic key is already being held down prior to the message appearing, the prompt should ignore the key press, to avoid accidental kick of slot.

Edit: made it much simpler to read


That’s the suggestion. I’m saying, it shouldn’t kick you off the slot. It currently does.

But this is a-
It’s a suggestion thread. My baaaad!


all good. I’m not really great at communicating properly to people, so it was mostly my fault for not clarifying


I’d also suggest that when the pop up appears, it ignores input if you have the chat window open. This way you won’t get kicked because you’re in the middle of typing when it shows up.


That’s also an annoyance i have with the game currently. Would love to see this changed.

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Yeah, when I used to use the casino I would be typing and im a fast typer so I would quickly be kicked because I don’t have time to react and stop typing.

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The fact that talking in game basically boots you to the lobby is just straight up bullshit, and how users can actually bait people into getting kicked off the slot is basically unfair