Maybe to mine the virtual currency you can go into mines and get a pickaxe.

I know it sounds like minecraft but it will be a bit of fun.

This is interesting yes

Minecraft simulator lol

Tower Unite confirmed as Runescape 4.

But now really, I would love bug collecting, fishing (which is confirmed) and stuff closer to that, but mining is probably a bit to far from the comfort zone of skilling already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point. don’t want the game to be grindy!

Meh, I won’t really like seeing this. It has barely got anything to do with Tower Unite’s theme. We should have other little ways of earning a bit of currency if we don’t feel like playing in the gameworlds.


TFW someone other than me still plays RuneScape. (Assuming you /do/ play.)

I \used\ to.

I’m going to have to say no. This activity is quite unrelated to the core idea of the game. Radek basically hit the point.

While I agree that mining does not exactly fit the theme the game is going for, I do see some potential for discovery here. In fact, mining could fit the game, if said mineshaft would be located on one of the distant islands by the boardwalk. Instead of constantly grinding for minerals, why not make the minerals rarely appear?

It would be like a “once in a while” thing where treasures appear in the mineshaft if the player is willing to look. The best part is discovering something valuable when searching the place. Needless to say, the more valuable treasures will spawn much less often than the more common treasures, be it rocks, rocks or rocks.

The rate of which the actual treasures respawn should be enough to lead any grinders away from the area. Think of it like a “spin to win” except in a mineshaft where you are not supposed to be. I can only assume that some expense in Units will need to be paid to balance out the payout, like repairing/replacing tools, entering the shaft for x amount of time, etc.

While said activity may seem like a grindy one, it is. There has to be some sort of limit to keep the activity from being exploited and also make it attractive (getting treasures and exploring). And while this all seems like a doable thing, unfortunately it needs to stay within a certain theme along with the rest of the game.

I would like to see it implemented, but I am not sure how it can be balanced and fun at the same time (unless you really like grinding).

how about the pokemon Diamond and Pearl mining style.

Care to expand on that?

you have a pre-made mine shaft and you can find random thing or buy a tool that show you where there are. and also have the mini game that you can fail or win at

hating my grammer.

Isn’t that basically a version of the metal detector? We’re already getting that as a part of the beach expansion.

The “virtual currency” part made me think of bitcoin mining. That would be an… “interesting” feature

This entire idea feels kind of useless because of the metal detectors. Mining feels like a chore in games, IMO. It also isn’t very relaxing.

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Honestly I think it sounds a bit too grindy, and if you are on a vacation getaway (or LITERALLY HEAVEN: Tower Unite lore?) then mining would also not fit the theme really. I think a good way of getting GMC without gameworlds would be Casinos obviously and then the animal crossing style fishing or maybe bug catching.



Go back to roblox (jk)