Minimum amount of money for TU?

i wanted to ask what the minimum amount of money you guys need to be able to still make TU i have faith that it will succeed since in under 24 hours (or so) you guys already got your first milestone (15k) but just in case. i would like to know the minimum : P

you guys are doing a great job! keep up the good work : D

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The absolute minimum is $30,000 USD.

so all we need is 12,357$ more to get TU : D
and im guessing alot of people haven’t donated yet just like the kickstarter

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Yup! I’ve got no doubt we’re gonna make it. :smile:

the kickstarter had like around 15k at the start then around the end it was 37k!!! if we got the same amount of money that would still get us tower unite and 7k over the minimum : D wish i could also donate more money but i cant :confused: really like some of those donations like the watch
but since indiegogo also has paypal we should get alot more people wanting to donate… the cool thing is that the kickstarer had like 1,251 backers so that means we have 17k already and we have only half of the donators so that must mean maybe like 600 people havent donated yet (or a hundred or 2 are no longer donating)

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since the kickstarter got 37k im guessing this will get somewhere from 40k-50k I can not wait for it!

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so is it confirmed by the devs for TU that it is 30k? (im not sure if you are one or not) because we are 1k away from getting 30k : D

Gryphon is not a developer. He is an enthusiastic community member.
I don’t know where this 30k thing is coming from, but I don’t know if it is false or not.

I vaguely remember it from one of the Twitch streams. The developers don’t seem to make any confirmation about this topic though. As I already said, I guess they’re doing that so the Indiegogo campaign doesn’t lose its momentum once it’s reached 30K

found it


Yeah, I wasn’t here for a few days. On vacation. I would have found the source for you otherwise. Sorry, heh. :sweat_smile: