Minigolf Suggestion: Seeing the path of the ball

Since the new Minigolf will (hopefully) have improved bouncing physics with UE4, I would love to have a way to see the actual path the ball will take when it bounces. Most mini-golf games use an arrow that bounces off of the walls depending on the power of the ball. This could possibly add a bit of strategy to the game rather than blindly hitting it and hoping for the best.

I’m assuming you don’t mean projecting the ENTIRE path of the golf ball, as that would completely ruin the game. While it would be nice to see a short projection of the ball’s early path, I find that the fun of it is in learning to use the vague power bar and angle to try and figure out the best shot yourself. If this were implemented, I’d like to see it as a mutator.


I don’t mean the entire path of the ball. Maybe the path ends after the first bounce.


I feel like it kind of does this already.

It only shows the general direction. The arrow doesn’t bounce off of edges at all.

Oh, so you mean like the guide would persist until the first bounce, then fade out afterwards?

I could see this as a mutator to help people learn the game.

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Sounds interesting.

it should only be if the bounce is in a certain proximity, otherwise this could be really cheap.


Would be nice as a mutator. Also the path shouldn’t really follow the whole way.

something like this from CSGO, obviously you could turn down the life span of the trail but it would look sleek.

or, it could be exactly like csgo and its only like that when spectating

What’s the point of it if it’s only for spectators? (I’m talking about for Minigolf, not CS:GO)

so spectators can see if they’ll fail or not idk

Leaves it open to friends spectating and helping them gain an advantage.

this is why spectating would have a delay, like csgo
oh and i mean it would be for spectators who arent playing, again, like csgo.

I wouldn’t know, I barely play CSGO.

oh, well that’s how it works.

Am I the only one who can visualize the trajectory on the spot? I find planing this the only challenging part of the mode really…