Minigolf: Skygolf (18/18) Working on scenery

Checkout the GMTower Thread Post!

  • This is still in Early Development BUT ALL 18 holes are done!

I’am getting so fuck*ng close! I’ll make a GMTower Thread Soon!


Looks really nice, but I hope you know that GMTower will be shut down in 2016. Hopefully you’ve started making it portable to hopefully be a Tower Unite mod…

TU has workshop capabilities, so he should just be able to upload the .bsp into the TU workshop.

I don’t think TU will be able to use the .bsp file. It’d likely need to be remade in the Unreal editor.

Pretty sure there’s a .bsp to Unreal converter that you can use, though I don’t know where you could find it.

Maybe UE4 T3D Converter could work?

We have an in-house built converter that takes VMF into Unreal brushes.

We will most likely release it with our Workshop tools.


I’d estimate everything & this map should be done by the end of this month, if not the first week of August! Most likely when TU comes out I’ll start over on a whole new map. Maybe make the holes in Hammer & then convert the VMF into BSP’s using the tool Mac said he will release & finish off the scenery in UE4 :wink:

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Oh, that’s wonderful! So we can still make maps for GMTower and convert them later. That’s great!

Getting realllllll close! I’ll link you guys to the GMTower Thread once I make one! :blush:

Guys I made the GMTower Thread just now, its still not done BUT enjoy the screenshots!

The bottom textures of the (I assume to be) mountains remind me a lot of Skyrim’s mountains. Looks beautiful