Minigolf payouts

Is there a place where I can find the exact payouts for minigolf rounds condor, albatross, eagle, etc. payouts?

Not at the moment. There used to be a screen on GMT, but I don’t know if that’s planned to make a return or not. For now, you’ll just have to remember the values when you get them.

Ah, ok. Im trying to do some math for that payout on the Wario Ware gamemode just to get something near or equal.

Over Double Bogey = 20
Double Bogey = 30
Bogey = 40
Par = 80
Birdie = 100
Eagle = 150
Albatross = 200
Condor = 225?
Hole in One = 250

Plus 25 for completing a hole.

I don’t think Condor (4 under Par) is realistically possible on any of the current courses. It’s the rarest event in real life golf as well.

I wont count Condor since it isnt possible but I have a bunch of math to do now but, thanks!