Minigolf "Hardcore" Mode (Hardcore Modes for Game Modes in general?)

I’ve been kinda bummed by the thought of people using guides to always get a hole in one, so i thought:
What about a wind feature in Minigolf?

There are certain maps it wouldn’t work on but for most of the maps a wind addition could be nice, so people have to adjust their shots instead of just doing what the picture in the guide is showing you to do.

For people who don’t like this, it could simply be turned off, by either making this optional, so to give you more units if you have turned it on (Each player can turn it on/off for themselves) OR make it a mode of its own. A hardcore mode of each game mode could be an interesting idea aswell.


Huh, I actually never thought about this. That is a really good idea to use against the guide-users and to people that really want a challenge in their gamemode.
Nice thinking!

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this would be a GREAT MUTATOR


This would be a fantastic way to add replay value to games that start to feel stale after a while.


Wind to Minigolf? Please, be a mutator.

What about a power meter that you didn’t have direct control over, that slides up and down, like Mario Golf?

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