Minigolf ground protrusion

in the map water hole the ground protrudes on the holes 8, 10, and 18.

I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be like that.

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Easier way to reduce the numbers of strokes.

Purely a visual thing. In Unreal, when a displacement (a hill) is viewed from a distance it reduces the complexity of it which makes it look like it’s going through the ground. I think sadly this happens to lower end GPUs.

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update it happened in garden now but this time its all holes but 3 and its MUCH WORSE
<imgsrc="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/423c3caf6cf355202ce8e7b0945bae2197cd989b.jpg" width=“690” height=“431”>

just some images for reference

What’s your graphics card?

NVM there’s a bug where if you play too long the mipmap levels go to the lowest setting i just reset my game and it fixed it thanks anyway :grin:

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