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Hello ! I experience very often a bug where the camera at the beggining of a round is stuck so I can’t see well the map…

We actually have been testing a patch that fixes this issue. We hope to get it out very soon.


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Minor bug: I’ve found that sometimes hats don’t work, and can’t be equipped. It’s purely cosmetic, but still a bug.

I think this is caused because your player does not have the hat on. This sometimes happens when you close the game and open it up again, and your cosmetics goes off your character and down in your inventory. When you put it back on it should work, although it can be pretty annoying.

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Somewhat minor bug: changing ball color mid game causes loss of y-axis rotation around the ball. You have to quit the mini game and relaunch in order to fix it.

Make a bug report. This is for discussing the Trello card.

Sometimes if i play minigolf, i am getting a notification in the bottom with how many units i got; but it isn’t actually going to be added to my account (top notification).

Isn’t that happening with every gamemode outside of the Plaza?

Yeah, this is an issue with payouts in general. I’m guessing it’s because of the ratelimiting issues with steam, but it should be fixed in the next patch.

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