[Minigolf] Flamingo and Ostrich give 0 units

Maybe it was never planned to be able to get these or just forgot to update with the new unit prices. Been getting these two a lot in the Sweet Tooth map but regardless of map, probably happens on all?


Yeah, just got a Flamingo and now I feel even more robbed of my HIO.

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It’s a known issue.

Thanks for reporting it.

how to get the flamingo o.o

You can get the flamingo by going into the casino and going to the spin to win area. (where the double or nothing slots are at) But here’s the thing-- you have a chance of getting the flamingo, or something completely different, because there are 17 things you could win in total. (including absolutely nothing)

Also, Condor gives the same payout as hole in one. Wich means hole in one payout must be increased.

We’re talking about the Flamingo term in golf, which is a certain number of strokes below par.

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This is why I lurk.

I’m a special person.

talking about mini golf m8

Corrected Title Typo:
[Minigolf] Flaming and Ostrich give 0 units -> [Minigolf] Flamingo and Ostrich give 0 units

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Ostrich logo doesn’t exist, this is just Flamingo. > For reference

“For ostrich” appears just before you putt,

So,we’re talking about only Flamingo payout being 0 units.

The original name of the topic had Ostrich in it. Nommiin didn’t add it in.

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