Minigolf fire trail

Basically, in TU, I have faint memories of getting an item that added a trail of fire behind my ball if I go top speed but I don’t remember when or how I got it. It feels like I am viewing a different timeline. I checked Rob’s, toystop and even the stray but I cannot find anyone selling. At this stage of the game, upgrades is still useless. Even the appearance tab shows nothing. There is no other item of its kind in my inventory and it certainly isn’t a milestone.

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Unless I’m misremembering, the fire trail was just an effect added for when any golf ball is hit at top speeds. There was no item associated.


This is a feature added in the last update. It happens to every ball.

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Ah ok. I thought I remembered getting it. I was probably just reading the update notes haha

Must’ve remembered it wrong lol