Minigolf Feedback Thread

Funnel all of your Minigolf complaints / comments into this thread.

Things @Lifeless and I like to see:


  • Things you liked about the courses (favorite hole, element, etc.)
  • Things you didn’t like about the courses (be nice, we have feelings)
  • Areas that you struggled with during play
  • Bugs / Issues (garden is riddled with them)


  • Tell us we’re pretty
  • Garden art is in progress, so throw me some ideas

Photos along with your comments helps a lot!

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Personally, I feel the water wheel is a nuisance to get on, I don’t like the narrow corner leading to it.

EDIT: You’re pretty.

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I don’t have alpha but the grass seems 2d and it sometimes dissapears.

I haven’t been able to play the Minigolf Alpha’s, but I do have to say, what I see in the Alpha Videos and Screenshots, you two should pat yourselves on the back. They look amazing, and I can’t see wait to see what you guys do next!

Please play the alpha before commenting on how it looks.

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sorry chief

how about some more foliage (and other aesthetics like buildings) for Gardens since it seems a bit too tree-less to feel “Japanese” to me, and the plinko hole doesn’t really fit in with the theme IMO
also FUNNELS @Matt

I might just suck but the mine carts in I think the last hole of Waterhole are damn near impossible to get on unless you have pinpoint accuracy. I really like how the details in the map are coming along though, with the sign in the lake next to the fountains.

bugbot. Go home. Youe drunk.

  • Time in between each putts “sometime it take lot longer or even forever”
  • the ball rolling slowly in place
  • also the ball randomly want to bounds up and down in place
    • you can really see it if your close up
  • getting stuck on the bridge crossing at the corner

The Golfball spawns under the map D:

Yeah this was actually changed, It was supposed to be in the alpha on Friday but my upload was taking too long. The newer version of hole 18 is now in the updated alpha and weekly.

In Gardens the center area looks pretty good, but the outer areas need more buildings/foliage. Since you’re aiming for a Japanese theme, some bamboo, maybe? Also, the ground texture makes it look more like a beach than a garden.

I wouldn’t put too much into thinking about the art for Garden yet. It’s very much a prototype level so far. Art is being made for it now.

I think the garden looks good. Even at the stage that its at now! So by the time its ‘made pretty’ then im sure it will be crazy beautiful

Matt started the art pass:

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I still think Gardens could use a bit more bamboo and other foliage

The grass does look slightly out of place with the theme. If there is some kind of reed you could use that would be cool to see?

EDIT: I made the picture you uploaded into a 2 screen (1080p) desktop. Might play around with some effects as well if thats alright?

In Waterhole you can get stuck in the fence on Hole 9 if you shoot straight at max power and hole 18 just plain didn’t work, my ball clipped through the platform going up.