Minigolf EXP reset

I was playing minigolf a few days ago, only to realise my exp had been reset. When this occurred, I checked my collection book and I actually appeared to be level 0 in everything, but after restarting the game, my exp was restored to normal in all but minigolf. I’ve waited a couple days and nothing has changed, not sure what happened - wouldn’t be nice to lose nearly 300 levels.

Caught macroing?

Never used a macro for anything since I’ve had a PC. Besides, what could a macro even be used for in minigolf?

It’s not just minigolf, it’s that if you use a macro every milestone gets reset.

I’ve only lost my exp in minigolf though.

I think if you’re caught macroing, you only get EXP and milestones taken away for the modes you were macroing in.

Also, there’s been bugs where EXP has reset itself before, so you should be able to contact a dev and they’ll be able to give back the EXP you lost.

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