Minigolf amusment park map

Ok before you guys say this is stupid just hear me out yeah a minigolf amusment park map would be a really cool idea. Why? Heres why first of all theyre are so many ideas for hole designs like your ball going on the rollercoaster tracks or having the spinning teacup ride as a timing based challenge and even could have you briefly go into an arcade for 1-3 holes as amusment parks ive been to have had arcades. As well as that theyre could also be a waterslide. You guys are saying how would that even work but remember they somehow got a knight town and castle to work and make sense so this could work also. Now these are just a brief splash of ideas i have but i would love to see what you think, because you guys could come up with way more ideas then me. Anyway thats it have a good day everyone who reads this. :slight_smile:


Great idea but the wording is confusing. Why are you so sure people would be against this?

I don’t It just sounds more persuasive lol