Minigames high score

Hello everyone, i was playing ball race 5 minutes ago and did one of the levels really fast, i wasn’t sure if i ever did this as fast as i did now.
I know the developers are adding crazy new things and are probably working really hard on them, but i’d like to see a feature implemented where you could see you own highscore in the minigames.
(and yes i am aware that it wouldn’t really work on Virus, but i’d still be cool.
Sorry if this thread was dumb, have a nice day.

Maybe there could be different scoreboards for daily, weekly, etc?


And they could have reward tiers

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Reward tiers for Minigolf and Ballrace maps would be a cool idea. Unlocking a trophy for getting above a certain threshold would be a nice way of rewarding players who get good runs.

Also like the idea of seeing a personal best on each map as a challenge to keep beating your high score.


This would be good for ball race. Not so much mini golf though.

Why not minigolf? I’d love to be able to see my lowest score on a per hole, per half, and per course basis. Then I could try to perfect every course.

Really, any gamemode/minigame would go great with highscores. Even Virus: just have categories like most kills in one round, most infections in one round, most kills with weapon X, longest successful last survivor run, etc.

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You’d end up with thousands of players with the same score for minigolf leader boards.
Similarly with infection, with ball race it can work due to it being speed focused as well as gaining points along the way, ball race is very skilful in the sense it’s difficult to actually do incredibly quick, just do some research on the speedrun videos for them. They’re quite impressive! And the leaderboard can be timed down to milliseconds for those skimmed #1 spot steals.

But with golf it’s just replicating what everyone else already does, and speed-running it isn’t all that interesting or hard to do.
Just take a thought on the difficulty of being in the top 10 of a leader board for a specific minigame, as the current ones aside ball race don’t suit leader boards at all. And top players of the week may work, but again falls under the issue of having hundreds of players with the same score.

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I thought this post was about global leaderboards. Not personal ones. My bad.

This thread was about personal high scores as opposed to global high scores. It’d still be nice to know what percentile you fall into with minigolf score globally though (if this thread was about global high scores). Like how many people have achieved that score. It still works imo

Gmod Tower’s website had a page with the fastest times for Ball Race. After 60 days, the times will reset.


They already have plans but it’s not a top priority right now.