Minigame idea: Sky diving

Think Pilot wings parachute mini game.
All players running into the circle get shot up to the highest point and fall down trying to stay within the cone and hitting rings made of food items perhaps to reuse assets.
Perhaps floating (unless there’s already a parachute model?) at the end before landing and a score for hitting the center or a moving target to end before shooting a player back up to do it again until the timer runs out, else it be a quick minigame.
All contained within that circle might be a little limited and without adding any diving controls it might be a tad too easy.
Perhaps combos and moving rings/targets would mix it up.

Further more a parachute/hang gliding/jetpack challenge along the entire map, starting from the mini game ring and ending at a random target location.
Maybe even a looped track leading back to the mini game ring could work.
However I think that is beyond the scope of a plaza mini game if I am to assume they must be contained in the circle.
Otherwise it would just be a go through all the rings jetpack challenge much like a collection mini game but maybe that’s possible too in a similar manner.
I mean we jetpack fly all over the place already, all that potential game space.

Getting further away from the topic a staircase of blocks to go down or up might make an interesting mini game circle game as well, counting the blocks that are stepped on before time runs out.
Could maybe end with sky diving at the top?
Eh maybe over complicating it.

Still am I the only one that flies around the map and kinda thinks of SNES Pilot Wings after awhile?
Just me?

i really love the idea of a skydiving minigame! i worked at a skydiving center for two years and i’ve always loved zipping around the plaza, so putting that huge skybox to use in a minigame could be fun!
there’s probably a ring model somewhere that just isn’t coming to mind, so it sounds like it’d be mostly a matter of making new animations and figuring out how to draw the game out to fit the time slot for a minigame.

Alright boyz where we droppin?