[Minigame] Darts (for Plaza / Condo)

Hello! So i looked around on the forums for a suggestion of a game of darts that could be added however i didn’t find any posts so i thought i’d suggest it! :3

So Darts i think would work like bowling so it could be played in the plaza or maybe even in someones condo if it was a buyable item.
So when its a players turn, They get to chuck a dart at the board to score points like a real life game of darts.
What the player sees is the dart in front of them, And then the board somewhat away, And then they have to position it (Aiming) and use the throwing strength (A bar like on minigolf?) to throw it into the board which naturally has sections which scores certain points.

Darts can have multiple games, like 301 where you have to score down to 0 using the darts and getting a double in and out (However this could possibly be customized on players preference and therefore give more or less points for the difficulty of the game set up.
Another gamemode of darts could be round the clock, Where you have to throw the dart in order from 1 to bullseye.

What will people see when waiting or passing by?
Waiting players will see the dart get thrown by an angle which follows the dart when thrown so they can clearly see what the score was, There models would automatically switch out between each thrower and sit down on a chair next to the other throwers (Like how i would assume the bowlers would go on there seats).
By passers would also be able to watch if the dart is shown to be thrown and go into the dart board with a score board above to display the scores and names of the players

This is just an idea, It could be placed in the bowling alley near the entrance or the arcade maybe!
But i think it would be a cool game to play with friends and could even become VR accessible in the future!

Let me know what you think!




I like this alot! Especially as a buyable item for in your condo. Just another entertainment item to have to occupy your guests. Maybe have the Plaza version be like a minigame where people can join and have a competitive round to earn Units? And maybe some themed dart boards for different holidays (or catsack :smile_cat:)

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Darts has already been suggested in the Item Suggestions Megathread, but good idea nevertheless.

Aww damn :C
Well i guess i developed on it as i hope it wouldn’t just be a buy-able item :3


That is possible, indeed. Item Suggestions Megathread mostly has static items which are not supposed to be interactive.


Exactly! So making this game interactive like the pool table in the condo will be awesome i think and makes it something that can be worked on :smiley:

However it would be easier first to make it in the plaza first i think :3 and then transfer parts as a item :1234:


Bumping this because I really like this idea, it was being discussed in the plaza the other night. There’s actually four possible places I could see this. Somewhere by Project 12 bar, the nightclub, the arcade, or the bowling alley. I feel like the arcade is the least favorable of this list.

But I’d love to see it. It also feels very appropriate to have an achievement to get a bullseye while drunk made.

There’s a couple dart boards in the arcade (not playable right now but they will be at some point), and you’ll also be able to buy them for your condo. I agree it’d be nice to have dart boards in places like the nightclub/project 12 though


I really want an announcer that screams “180!”

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