Mini Tower Unite Games Night! #2.1

Alright, so seeing as last week’s Tower Unite Games Night #2 got cut short due to my internet giving up, I’m going to take this opportunity to host a smaller Games Night to hopefully make up for it.

We’ll be playing Plaza Games Only just so that if my connection dies again, everyone else is okay. So, get ready to type as fast as you can in Typing Derby, sneak around and tag your enemies in Laser Tag, test your knowledge in Trivia and maybe we can finish off by watching some YouTube videos in the Theatre. Plus we won’t have to worry about people not getting in, there’s plenty of spaces in the Plaza games!

Once again, streaming is highly encouraged. I won’t stream this time, but please plug your links below if you plan to stream the event!

Make sure to be there on Friday 22nd November at 8PM UK time at Poseidon on EU London 1.

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I should be good to stream this

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I hope everyone has fun! I’ll be at school once again, so I hope to see some of @Jackpot 's stream archive!


I won’t be able to make it as it’s a weekend for me and there’s no way I’m getting up that early, hope everyone has fun.

I have setup a reminder for those who have the Catsack discord bot. If you have the bot in your server, you’ll get a reminder 10 minutes before 8PM GMT so you won’t miss it. :slight_smile:


I’ll try to be there.
And for recording.


typing derby? this is what i needed to test my new keyboard


I must not forget to join this event

which is difficult since I easily forget things


Reminder to join this event

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Today’s the day! Remember to join us at Poseidon on EU London 1 in an hour!


well, gonna have to leave short otherwise my computers gonna explode

hope everyone else has fun!

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low quality stream, I’ll give timestamps here:

0:00 - 4:30 = poseidon
5:00 - 11:00 = laser tag 1st round
12:00 - 19:30 = laser tag 2nd round (which I missed)
19:30 - 21:00 = balloon pop
21:30 - 29:00 = laser tag 3rd round
29:50 - 36:00 = laser tag 4th round
37:00 - 44:00 = typing derby
44:30 - 3:05:00 - theater


Few pictures from the Game night.

Theater dancing hlighlights.