Mini-Suggestions Megathread

Hello there.

Ever had a suggestion for the developers but you felt like it wasn’t worth writing an entire post about it?
Well then, here is a thread where you can leave a comment on something you think might be tweaked to be better in the game.
There are no categories in this thread, any suggestion that comes to mind is well accepted.

Here’s an example:
The flashlight on/off sound effect is way too quiet. I think it should be louder, similar to its Gmod version.

Heya! Just wanted to mention that this may be a better fit for the “General” category, as the “Suggestions” category is for voting on single, specific suggestions. I lack the permissions to move your post for you though, you might need a mod/admin to do it for you. (The post itself is just fine, to clarify. Just needs to be moved. :smile:)

Edit: Never mind, it’s all good.

Footprints and particle effects when walking on non rigid surfaces (dirt/grass/snow/sand). The effects appearance would be determined by the speed of the player.


The Nuke Button is way, way, waaaay too underwhelming. If you press like 5 at once it only starts feeling like a nuke. It’d be great if they could make the Nuke Button 10x stronger than it is now (right now the effect so SO TINY and almost unoticable) and add a nuclear explosion in the skybox along with a blinding light.

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