Mini Golf Scoring

In addition to the total score, can we also have the standard score as well?

EX. +1 -3 0?

Top of the score card displays par for the course.

You can expect it in many golf games. It’s pretty…
Par for the course.


I find myself saying this in a serious context about mini-golf far to often.

Yeah but it’s slightly annoying to have to keep figuring out how much under or over par I am on every hole when it could just be in game?

The thing is, I think the point is so it’s easier to compare to other players. The ‘competitive’ aspect of Minigolf (wherein you try to have the best score) is a natural drive to do better, so this might be the case. Personally I like how it is now.

Ok maybe I should’ve mentioned that it could be an option to switch between either one.

I wasn’t suggesting replace the current one entirely, sorry if it seemed like that.