Mini golf customization?

Since customization is a big point for this game and it’s developers, I was wondering if we could get some silly little custom stuff in the future for mini golf. Similar to ball races custom balls in GMT.

When a ball is hit with large amounts of power, it has a trail behind it. Being able to customize that trail, like its pattern or shape or something would be cool.
I see on the road map we are getting hats on our golf balls, awesome.

Last thing, maybe just some little glowy auras or glitter effects. Nothing to distracting or snazzy, just a little thing to take you out of the crowd. Thanks for listening.


Different trails would definitely be nice, but as opposed to effects on the ball, how about different skin types?
You could have a glittery ball that has a small twinkling on its surface as it rolls along, or a mashup of marble colours.


Totally down for that.

Sounds good :slightly_smiling: