Mini Game suggestion: Chaos Wizard

I have a suggestion in which would be a really fun and awesome game mode.

This game mode is about you being a wizard with random spells and you’ve got to use them to attack the other wizards, some wizards will get passive powers which can be used to get away and dodge other spells and throughout the rounds the spells will switch, each person will have roughly 1-3 spells each such as fireball, lightning, freeze ground, poison, teleport, levitation, force push, ball of explosion etc, just random things that be used as abilities/powers.

the maps can be on modern places or, immersively, a castle/wizard tower medieval place.

it could be very fun for many types of players and as this game has brilliant game modes of pure chaos might as well use the most chaotic thing of all… Magic.

I think this sounds pretty similar to the upcoming gameworld Slaughter Day Night Live (or PVP Battle as it was known back in GMT), since it’s about a free-for-all deathmatch. While I enjoy the idea of magical mayhem, it would need to do something different objective-wise so that it stood out as its own unique gameworld.

Ah yes.

maybe during rounds theres bonus things where players can get extra points (or Units) by destroying certain objects, or a huge boss comes in during the battle and everyone could either defeat the boss or people could choose this vunrible time to kill their nemesis.

Also there could be certain things required like, All players must be flying on a broomstick to cast a spell, for a short time you can only cast if you jump crouch, And throughout this mayhem of all the wizard players fighting each other and slinging spells, the map could change around like hogwarts staircases, some parts of the world will rise in land and others will be instantly filled with water, another could that the floor is suddenly lava and everyones gotta get on a object to get it.

Another idea i had is a cooperative version of Chaos Wizard, Everyones a wizard again and they get random spells. but they must all work together to solve a puzzle and sometimes the puzzle is solved with a wizard who has a certain spell/power. Work together to like transport a carrage of supplies without touching or getting rid of a raid on a caslte.

I kind of like the constantly changing map idea. Maybe to make it a new gametype, make it so that one team is the dark wizards whose goal is to get to an altar to summon a demon, while the other team has to protect the altar - the dark wizards have to first go into the enemy’s castle to steal 3 ingredients first though. (Like some kind of ctf-koth hybrid - get the 3 ingredients, deliver them to the altar, and finally protect the altar for an amount of time)

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