Minecraft Tower Unite Clone found

Yes, someone gave me a link to a minecraft server’s forum, they said it was a ‘clone’ of gmt. I found the suspected clone titled as “AndesiteTower” on the website. The forums has threads with images on a copy on Lobby2 in minecraft, which look surprisingly good (In my opinion).

The server had many staff members before, and it wasn’t based on GMT for a while. Apparently the IP used to be “andesitearcade.mcpro.co” until it shut down at a random time. The owner’s skype ID is located on the forum’s news, wanting to give out info towards the cancellation of the server. They also had an enjin site that wasn’t finished, and now it’s dead.

I was able to talk to the owner of the clone, here’s what he replied with:

If anything is wrong with this happening, please let him know (Yes, it’s a him). I don’t see anything related to payment of the project on the forums. I don’t know what can happen from this point-forward.

Here’s a screenshot the owner of the server took for an old forum post:

I do not represent GMT, TU, or PTG in anyway, nor have I stated I was apart or with PTG.

There is nothing wrong with this.

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I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this so far. (The forum logo is a direct ripoff of the actual Tower Unite logo, though.)


That logo has to change, but TU won’t be the first MMO that takes place in a central hub resembling a plaza, and it won’t be the last.

There has been loads of Lobby 1 copies in Minecraft and no one cared, so I don’t see anything wrong with a Lobby 2 clone in Minecraft. Unless it’s a similiar case with the roblox thing, which we didn’t wanna go too far with though.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we’ll keep an eye on this.

EDIT: @NiceaGaming
Please do not pester / interrogate the developer of “AndesiteTower”.
If an issue arises we’ll contact them directly.
Thank you.

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