Minecraft Tower? (i dont even know)


So I dont know if this has already been seen by people or even posted on here; its not online either so I can’t really go look at it. BUT this was a thing???

Yeah, it was. I remember CakeUltra inviting me to the server when it was still under construction.

Here’s the m-m-m-mega thread

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CakeUltra, I know that name.
Guess that’s why I mistook you for someone I once knew on GMTower waaaay back ahah.

You got his profile URL? Maybe I should pay him a visit.

Edit: Found him.

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Oh yeah, I remember seeing this on the GMT forums, never got around to playing it though as I was too addicted to the actual Tower xP

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George senpai plaz

Toy plaz, play Tower with me this weekend.

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