Milestones for boardwalk attractions and other activities

Imagine Get a total of 50 strikes while bowling or Sell a total of 150 fish.
Sounds really interesting to me. There could be some creative rewards, too. Such as trophies or assets from certain activities.
For example, a placeable bowling pin, a placeable laser tag rifle, etc.


I really really REALLY want more milestones and rewards to go with them and I hope more people suggest it.

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Milestones were a HUGE driving point and thing I enjoyed earning in GMT, and I would absolutely love to see more! This is a great way to get people doing a wide range of activities.


We need Milestones again. and moon theaters.


I really want milestones to come back. And somethign I Just thought of, if (Tower Unite) is its own steam game couldnt they add acheviments as well because that would be cool.

Perhaps achievements could be tied with milestones?


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@Radek is the true moon!

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