Milestone rewards ideas

Minigolf :
1000 hole in ones - golden golfball and mini golf trophy
50 hole in ones - golfball themed ball race ball
Play all maps - minigolf poster

Ballrace :
Collect 100 melons - melon themed ballrace ball
Play all maps - ballrace poster
Collect 1000 melons - ballrace trophy

Virus :
Play all maps - virus poster
Infect 1000 players - infected playermodel
Infect 100 players - virus flame particle effect
Survive 1000 rounds - virus trophy

Little crusaders :
Turn off the dragon 1000 times - little crusaders trophy

Turn off the dragon 100 times - little crusader player model

Eat 1000 knights - ride-able dragon mount

Eat 100 kinghts - dragons button for avatar

Defeat the dragon with the birb 50 times - birb pet

Play all maps - little crusaders poster

These are just a few suggestions

Cool idea but 1000 is a little much. Unless you spend hours on end you basically can’t have the top end awards. So if you lowered the requirements it would be a good suggestion.

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I was just throwing out some rewards idk what the requirements should be

GMT milestones had really big requirements as well, it’s supposed to be a milestone after all. I would tune down the numbers a bit more though.

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While I’m not entirely on board with all the specific reward ideas, I love the concept. I’ve advocated for jackpot rewards (cosmetic) in the past and I see these milestones as a variant on those expansive ideas, and a way to introduce additional incentive to play the various games. Great idea.