Milestone not appearing in inventory

I had recieved the LaserTag Symbol Milestone, I had looked in my inventory for the item, couldn’t find it, looked through the appearances, nothing, refreshed my inventory then repeated the last 2 steps, nothing.

I searched the item specifically in my inventory tab via the menu and it shows up, It’s just nowhere, where I can actually use it.

Was the backend disconnected for you? Did you restart the game while it was down when you got it?

I can’t specifically remember what was happening with the backend at the time sadly. If that was the case, is there a way to fix it? Cause I’ve tried restarted the game and that doesn’t work either

If you gained XP while the backend was down, quitting the game would result in a loss from the XP gained while it was offline.

I mean, it still says I have above the required amount of xp needed to earn the milestone.

Are you saying that basically it’s a visual glitch that says I have it, shows I have it in my inventory, but won’t give it to me until I reach an invisible amount of xp that makes the game think I need to reearn it?
or nah

Yeah, I ended up logging in to discover it in my apparances tab, no idea why but its there now.

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