Midori winners thread (Ballrace)

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I made this thread to see how many people have beaten the Midori course and maybe the Devs will make an even harder course in the future if the list becomes big enough. Post images/videos of you beating Midori here so I can make a list of people that beat this course.


Infernoshadowclaw beaten Midori

Alpha (Winning menu didn’t show up so I would of showed off that picture too if I could)

List of Winners:

-Inferno_Shadowclaw (Opening post ^)
-Link (post 8)
-Tomo (post 8)
-Erickson9610 (post 12)

No one? Is it really that hard?
Here I was thinking I’m terrible at this game. :smile:
(I haven’t finished it either)

haha, nice one :slight_smile: awesome to be the first one on the list :wink:

I did it but didn’t think to take a screen shot :confounded:

I have finished it. multiple times. I’ll try and dig up a screenshot and if not i’ll complete it again :smile:

I cri :cry:

It’s okay it’s just a hard ballrace course. It took me around 100 deaths to complete it.

#Me and Tomo Finally made it :3


we died after the first screenshot tho so we needed to redo that last level, but that level was eaasy

Just found out that I can’t edit old posts. I’ll add you here.

Edit: Now it lets me edit my opening post after so many months. Moved stuff to opening post.

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I’d love to have a harder Ballrace course, so have this screenshot of me at the exit of the last stage in Midori:

Also, it somehow seems much easier to complete Midori than before. Maybe the Ballrace orb physics/controls have been improved?

EDIT: I just launched the latest version of the old alpha of Tower Unite (The non-Steam version) and it turns out that the platforms on the final stage move much faster than they do in the latest version of the Steam version. Combine this with the old glitchy ball physics, the last stage is very difficult to beat. The size of the platforms don’t seem to have changed, though.

Here’s me haven beaten Midori in the old alpha: https://gyazo.com/45cfd27eb59765a2b9f67c537f91fa21

EDIT: My username is cut off because currently, Tower Unite doesn’t like long usernames… :l

I think it’s easier because the platform sizes changed. IIRC the last level of Midori used to have moving platforms that were 1/4th of their current size.