Midori Visual Overhaul

Midori is a very old map and I’m not sure if the graphics really hold up to the new maps we have today. It looks pretty sloppy with simple cubes as towers that look as if they aren’t even touching the ground beneath them. To add to that, not only does the water look very low quality but the floating islands around the course are very polygonal and the textures for them are also low quality and really stretched. I think a full overhaul (or even just some small visual changes) would do this map wonders. This task would be difficult but I think it would benefit the game positively. Does anybody else agree?

Not dissing any of the map creators or develepers, just saying it would be nice if this map was to hold up to the rest.

100% agree. I would even like a remaster of the song, maybe with no lyrics.

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But I like the lyrics.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It just feels against the grain to the rest of the Ball Race songs… they just don’t have vocals, which I think fits this game very well.


Event Horizon has some vocals too, but I still like both songs.

im a robot in the sky


It doesn’t really have very much in the way of lyrics though. It’s mostly just vocals as an instrument.

No, please don’t. This song makes my day every time I hear it (vocals included).


Mixed feelings on this. The music is irreplaceable, but the visuals are definitely primitive by today’s standards. I think Midori is very charming because it was our first real experience playing Tower Unite, though nostalgia might be at play here. The pre-alpha Ball Race demo on Midori was the first playable proof-of-concept in the new engine, and the first thing many GMT players experienced transitioning to TU. It’s easy to see why people think so fondly of it.

That being said, the metallic grey box “skyscrapers” below and the surrounding landscape are a bit rough around the edges.

Do I think it deserves a remaster in the future? Maybe. Definitely not a priority, but maybe.


The song is amazing, and I’d never want it replaced. It’s just the visuals that I have a problem with, they’re very primitive


I like the idea of a visual overhaul. Since the background has mountains and an ocean maybe there could be some big rocky floating islands with waterfalls coming off them or something, make it seem a lot more scenic. Just a random idea.


I think the list of maps that need a visual overhaul is really diminishing, which is great. I personally think Midori, Waterhole (still), and Desert are the only ones left that need some TLC. No other maps come to mind, they all look pretty great by now.

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To each their own, style doesn’t really bother me but 100% agree the midori song is the only song I mute in the entire game. I start to dance when before the vocals start but the monotone robotic voice that is a constant sentence irritates me so much, it’s not very subtle at all. I will sacrifice time and lives to shut it off if I forget, because it breaks my concentration that badly. My son likes it but I’m glad I’m not the only one who would like a voiceless one.

I’d rather see a new ball race map than wasting time redoing a perfectly functional one. The lyrics are iconic. They get stuck in your head and remind you to play tower unite.

That being said, I was shocked to discover beta footage that the GMTower version appears to be better in some aspects. THIS is what ball race is about. Crazy skyhigh jumps. Not staying on a a level platform waiting for cycles. EXCITEMENT.


god I miss that spiky ball, it’s on it’s way I know, but… sigh

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