MIDI keyboard support for instrument items




This card has no description.


  • Port all instrument items to the new MIDI pipeline

Is this what I think it is?

I’m crying. I think I’m crying.

Thank you.


Oh my god yes!!
I’ve been waiting to use this forever :heart_eyes:

Yes please!

When is the option to be available? We need it soon please.

There is no planned date right now.

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I can’t wait to have it. A friend wants to use TU to teach me piano <3

Waiting so long for it but it never comes. it shouldnt need much effort to build it in and it has more vote ups as other Features which they are developing and i dont understand why.

Every feature takes effort. It’s not something we can just drop in and add support for. It’s on our backlog so it’s currently not as important as other features right now.


As long as it doesnt get forgotten’^^

There was literally no reason for this bump. He already told you 11 months ago that it’s in their backlog.


Atm i see a problem where many people seem to not have MIDI-keyboards working at all in windows 10 or 11; my midi-keyboard doesnt work in my software atm for instance =/ prolly makes working on it for games even trickier.

  • Card was renamed from “MIDI keyboard support for Piano” to “MIDI keyboard support for instrument items”.
  • A new checklist named “Checklist” has been added to the card.
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  • “Port all instrument items to the new MIDI pipeline” has been checked off on the “Checklist” checklist.
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