Merge condo tools into one item


Basically instead of seperating all the tools as their own item, merge them all together and let you manually select which tool you want. This way you’re not constantly rearranging your item hotbar.

This idea really isn’t that necessary right now, but I feel it will be long term. Originally I was going to post a few ideas for some new condo tools (and I still plan too.) but I’ve noticed that overtime if or when we get more and more tools it might get really annoying trying to juggle them all in our item hotbar.


Yes this is a good idea, but it would need a way to easily get to the tool you want without too much hassle like menus and stuff.


Maybe a hotkey you hold down that brings up a wheel and you mouse over the one you want and release the key? I really like the idea @Eddieboy


the idea of a circular wheel for selecting it seems pretty good


I would like if it worked similarly to the tool selector in House Flipper. As the beginning missions progress, new options appear on your dial that correspond to equipping new tools. It’s a natural fit for these condo tools.


I was thinking of that exactly! LOL!