Melon Bomber and Tag


we could have a gamemode like bomberman or melon bomber. We could also have a tag gamemode. It would be virus but no guns but only power ups. power ups like invincible, speed boost and 10 second invisibility cloak.


Making melon bomber would be messed up, that’s literally stealing somebodies gmod game mode and putting it in their game


Melonbomber is literally Bomberman though.
It’s not their original idea.




Melon bomber would be a gameworld, but tag would be a thing you can join in the plaza.


I think melon bomber would be a relatively easy game to program and you could use people’s current avatars as their character so you could do easy customization. And it could probably be hosted p2p without too much lag.

Be sure to add in the feature of throwing in bombs to get back in the game.


a year old bump… :confused:


You are allowed to bump old threads as long as you are continuing the conversation.


Seems like a game for an arcade machine


Sorry I overlooked that due to the fact that it’s a bit more annoying to see a year old thread again.