Meeting place in the alpha for TU forum members

I won’t be on until 4PM AEST though ._.
Any place I could meet some of you guys in-game?

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I’m probably gonna be around the plaza looking at everyone.


I’ll have to join an american server to see lots of you ;-;

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The same happens to me. Now that we have many servers, it will be difficult to meet ingame :(

So everyone on american servers then plaza? :slight_smile:

On top of the fountain/centerpiece thing.

The U

The Tower U

picture of it? :d

Stand on top of it

Ok i’ll be there! :slight_smile:

seriously, first thing im gonna try.

but seriously, lets take a group photo on front of the u in the plaza

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I’m game. Will see you guys there!

Hope to see you guys there. Hopefully it won’t take too long for everyone to get in-game.

I’ll race ya ;D

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Sounds good, I’ll buy you a drink if you can beat me to it!

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I’ll be there! Unless its swarmed by random people who want to sit and spin on it of course

Everyone’s still on for this, I hope?

Yep, I am. Assuming it doesn’t take ages to download of course…

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I’ll definitely be there! Let’s all enjoy this game together!

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The plaza will not be fully completed in Alpha.