Media Players stopped working entirely

Media player screen turns black and doesnt emit audio.
I can request videos or soundcloud songs and they “load” but all i can see is a black screen with a current playtime.
Soundcloud images load but dont play any audio.
Youtube videos just appear black with no audio.

Are you on a Steam beta?

Im not on steam beta, i even tried switching to beta and back but it did not fix my issue.
Restarted a couple times and its still persistent.
The media player is working but there is no audio and just a black screen.
It displays how long the video is and at which second/minute it is but it just shows a black screen and no sound.

This might not be the cause but it could be a problem with nvidia drivers.
I switched to an older graphics card (gtx 970) and the drivers on it were from last year and it somehow just worked again.

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Issue happened again.
Seems to be an issue with RTX cards and their drivers.
Doesnt work on my RTX 2080 with newst driver.

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